Nutritional Therapy

Many hear about "Nutritional Therapy" for the first time when they work with me.

A Nutritional Therapist (NT) applies scientific knowledge to promote health and maximum performance as part of a treatment tailored to the individual client.

The treatment then may include using tools such as testing, as needed, to identify any nutritional imbalances and how they are contributing to the individual's symptoms and health problems.

The Functional Medicine model, also called the Functional Medicine Matrix, is often used as a basis for evaluationĀ¹. This was created by the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA. It looks at the various systems of the body - digestive, nervous, muscular, detoxification, endocrine system, etc. The therapist then evaluates together with the client, where the reason for the health imbalance might lie.

With recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle adjustments or short-term use of supplements - or a combination of all - the areas to be supported are addressed to promote the client's health and performance. This is done in collaboration with the client, as the goal is to achieve lasting improvement, not just short-term.

If you choose to consult an NT, make sure the NT received an extensive education and is certified.


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